Welcome to the Matinecock Tribal Nation!


We are the Matinecock of Long Island. On this site, we will show you various aspects of our history and our culture. We will show you pictures of our people and our heritage. Below is our street naming ceremony held on October 5th, 2015.






Little Neck street named for Matinecock Tribe

by Patrick Kearns of the Queens Ledger (October 6th, 2015)


Little Neck acknowledged the area’s oldest residents on Monday by officially co-naming the intersection of Northern Boulevard and Marathon Parkway in honor of the Matinecock American Indian tribe.


“Today and every day we stand in solidarity with the Matinecock Native Americans and the Douglaston-Little Neck communities,” said Councilman Paul Vallone. “The Matinecock Native Americans have stood and watched over these lands long before the earliest settlers over 375 years ago.


“Today we honor their legacy as a noble and harmonious people who remain our neighbors and descendants for a long and proud history,” he added.


The tribe, a branch of the Algonquin Nation who used to inhabit the northwestern sections of Queens, was well represented at the street naming with members of the Baron and Waters families, who wanted everyone to know their history is still being written.


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Little Neck street co-named for native Matinecock Tribe

By Tom Momberg of the Times Ledger (October 8th, 2015)


Northern Boulevard now also bears the name of Long Island’s Matinecock Native American Tribe following a street co-naming ceremony in Little Neck Monday.


The Matinecock people were hunters and fishermen who settled the island in the late 1600s, around the same time Europeans began arriving in the area.


The street co-naming was the culmination of an effort by the Bayside Historical Society and the descendants of the tribe, who worked to get recognition for the tribe along with Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Bayside), Assemblyman Ed Braunstein (D-Bayside), Community Board 11, the Douglaston-Little Neck Community Library and several other community partners.


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