Chief Osceola Townsend, Sachem


Chief Osceola Townsend, Sachem/Chief of the Matinecock Nation since 1984. He was appointed by the late Chief John Williams, aka Chief Little Moose of the Matinecock Nation of Jamaica Queens, NY.

He has been active in our Nation’s activities since the late 40’s when he was under the intelligent direction of his late father Theodore Thomas Townsend, aka Chief Quiet One.


Donna Gentle Spirit Barron, Historian


  My name is Donna Barron. I am a Matinecock/Montaukett Indian. I am my family's Historian. My Native Spirit Name is Manitou Yohkayut (Gentle Spirit) also known as The Soul of the East Wind. I defend my own and my family's honor. I pledged allegiance to the old ways of our ancestors. My name is known to the Four winds. I carry a tomahawk as a reminder of Warriors who died defending the oath of the old ways.


I was called to be the storyteller for my people. It was written in the stars before I was born. I am the voice for my ancestors. Sharing the true history of my Long Island Native family and their Ancestors. I enjoy sharing our history with the young. For our children are our future. A`HOY


Donna is a historian who has written four books about the Matinecock Nation:

    -The Long Island Indians and Their New England Ancestors


    -“Oh So Now It’s Cool To Be An Indian?”: One Long Island Indian’s Story


    -The Life and Customs of My People from the days gone by:

     The Long Island Indians of the North Shore: Little Neck, New York


    -My Ancestor’s Story Continues…My Ancestor’s of Gabler’s Creek and Valley Road


Chief Reggie Dances With Medicine Ceaser, Sagamore


Chief Reggie was born and resides in Queens, N.Y. not far from the land of his ancestors. He has studied Native American medicine and Native American bodywork with native elders.

Chief Reggie is a descendent of the Waters I Hegeman family. His great uncle Walter Robert Deer Foot Hegeman, Sagamore, of the Turkey clan was installed by his uncle, Sachem, John

Standing Waters, the Chief or the Matinecock tribe and the Montaukett Confederacy. Sachem John Standing Waters and his brother Sachem, James Wild Pigeon Waters were Hannah Janes Waters brothers. Hannah Jane was Chief Reggie's great grandmother.



Chief Martin Lone Black Wolf Jones, Sagamore


Chief Martin was born in Brooklyn He is Rapelyea / Chisolm. Chief Martin Lone Black Wolf Jones was installed as chief of the Wolf Clan of the Matinecock tribe of Long Island. Chief Martin is a descendent of the Chisholm family. Hannah Chisholm was Sachem John Standing Waters, Sachem James Wild Pigeon Waters and Hannah Jane's aunt.