Chief Sachem Tackapousha, son of Sachem Mechoswodt. Born in 1598. Died in 1697. Chief John H. Standing Waters was born in 1863. He was Chief of the Matinecocks from 1958 to 1964. He passed away in 1964 at the age of 102.
Chief John. Born in 1820. His Parents both born on Montauk: James Waters and Mary Hubbs/ Hicks. John married Elizabeth Townsend. Chief John Sylvester  Williams "Little Moose" led the Matinecock tribe through the 1980s. He passed away in 1987.
Born in 1873. He the son of Chief John M. Waters. He was an interpreter of Indian Dialects. He was Montaukett Chief from 1914 to 1924. Sachem/Chief of the Matinecock Nation since 1984. He was appointed by the late Chief John Williams, aka Chief John Little Moose.
Chief Reggie Dances with medicine comes from a line of ancestral Chief Sachems.  His Great-Great Grandmother was Hannah Jane Waters Hegeman Martin's Mother is a Rapelyea by birth. His relations are all from Valley Road of Manhasset Long Island.