The Indians of Long Island


There were 13 tribes of the Algonquin Family: Canarsies, Merricks, Massapeaques, Secatogues, Unkechaugs,Shinnecocks,Montauketts, Rockaways Matinecocks, Nissequogues, Setaukets, Corchauges and The Manhassets


*The Canarsies lived in what we know as Brooklyn. They were great shell makers and the use of wampum, In there designs,created a great industry for them.


*The Rockaways lived in what we know as Hempstead and parts of Jamaica.


*The Merrick Indians lived on the Southeast of the Rockaways. Their land reached inland as far as Oyster Bay, Westbury and Hempstead were also part of there land. Merrick means "Plain Country"


*The Matinecocks were on the Northshore,with their land going from Newtown East to Smithtown. They had Settlements in Flushing, Glen Cove, Cold Spring Harbor,Huntington,and Northport. They were excellent fishermen. Matinecock means "Hilly country".


*The Massapeaque Indians settled on the Southshore. Their land ran East,to what is known today as lslip,and North to Middle Island. Their tribal name means"The Great water Land"


*The Nissequogues lived along the river of the same name. Their name means Clay Country".They made Pottery and wove items, They used,From the tall grasses.


*The Secatogues lived on the Southshore from Islip to Patchogue. Their name means "Black Colored Land". The Sealtacots and the Setaukets,Lived at Stony Brook and east to Wading River. AII these tribes were great fishermen. Their name means "Land at the mouth of the creek".


*The Unkechaug Indians lived on the Southshore from Nankee creek, between Blue Point and Bayport, To the rivers in Eastport. Smaller groups from the tribe were the Patchogues and Poosepatucks. There are many members of the Poosepatucks that still live on their reserve in Mastic. The Corojauges were a smaller group living on the East end known as Orient Point.


*The Shinnecocks lived, and still do,on the shores of the great Peconic Bay and Shinnecock Bay. They to were also great fishermen. To this day,They are one of the tribes that hold a Pow wow on Labor Day weekend.


*The Montauketts were the strongest group who were very powerful and respected leaders. The Grand Sachem, or chief of Paumanauke (algonquin for Long Island), was Chief Wyandanch .