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The Lost Spirits- a film by Eric MaryEa


"The Lost Spirits is a documentary following the lives of a Native American family living in Queens, New York. In recent years, many conflicts have plagued their tribe and stirred up controversy within the town. It began with the removal of their family cemetery to build a road in the 193`0’s. The artifacts and burial items mysteriously went missing. The acres of land they used to own was snatched by the government for back taxes, and the remaining land is landlocked by the surrounding owners. The Barron family, members of the Matinecock and Montaukett tribes, could never seem to get their voices heard. This film is to show people who they are, what happened in their lives, and the future of American Indians in Little Neck, New York."

Borrowed from the former Website for the film. The DVD of the film is unavailable for purchase while Mr MaryEa is revising the film.